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Nick Eden

I was inspired to take up diving after years of watching Jacques Cousteau on TV as a child, on visits to the seaside with my parents I would always be looking out to see and wondering what was down there.

I qualified in 1989 and haven't looked back since. For years I dived almost exclusively on the south coast from Kent to Cornwall and everything in between, it was on these visits to Deal (Kent) that I fell in love with wreck diving on the local wreck 'The Loanda'.
Since then I have been lucky enough to travel and dive around the world, highlights including seeing sharks on The Great Barrier Reef, a whale shark in the Maldives and wreck diving in Florida, the Red Sea and Scapa Flow.

I still truly believe that UK waters are the greatest place to dive, there are thousands of wrecks to be explored and most of them are in reasonably shallow water, Scapa Flow being a great example. Several years ago I moved to a twinset to extend the range of my diving, using oxygen rich mixes for accelerated decompression. This has opened up another level of great wrecks that are now within range. I also did a cave diving intro course with Marytn Farr who is one of the worlds top cave divers, this slightly altered my focus and has left me super keen to get more experience in caves.

My other main interest has always been climbing, I've recently got back into it and have a trip to the Alps planned for later this year.

I seem to spend my entire life following lines - either down to wrecks or up to summits!

When I'm not diving or climbing I work as a trainer for a US technology company



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