My First Proper Dive by Chris Langtry-Lynas
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 09:49

Just over a year after my try in the pool I was off to Eyemouth for the 1st ‘proper’ dive, nerves reassured that Cathy would assign to me a trusty buddy. Although it turned out to be Alan ‘Silver Fox’ Sparham, 72.

After taking Alan, 84 to the disabled toilets and adjusting his truss we set off in a lumpy sea with a F3-4 wind. I, wisely, had passed on the haggis and black pudding. Cathy evidently had not done the same thing as she promptly started recycling breakfast over the side of the boat.

Jumping in and making a steady decent to 5m I could see Alan, 96, still at the surface. Later I discovered he had forgotten to make a buoyancy allowance for his Tena pads. Note to the teckies this is about 1kg, none required if it has already been used. NO Alan, your suit wasn’t leaking.

The vis was ok at about 6m and the water a pleasant 7°C. We spent a great 30 minutess finning at about 15m before returning to the surface. Alan, as the lead had asked me to stay on his right side, but a quiet word in my ear from others suggested I stay slightly behind him to pick up his torch, knife, DSMB and bus pass.

Due to the conditions we returned to harbour and had some of Iain’s mum’s delicious lemon drizzle cake. Cathy persuaded Amanda that part of her role as ADM was to make the tea.

We went out for a slightly deeper 2nd dive of 23m and returned to the boat with increasingly larger waves. Sadly Paul Anderson, my fellow novice was unable to make the 2nd dive due to buoyancy problems with a new suit. The other newbie, Amanda clearly enjoyed the dives declaring herself moist. It was only later I realised she was referring to a leaky hire suit.

The weather forecast was such that Sunday was to be cancelled, forcing everyone to drink heavily on Saturday evening enjoying the sophisticated nightlife of Eyemouth. We ended up in Oblo, joining what appeared to be a hen night. This meant I had to replace Alan’s popping eyes balls on several occasions (but not if Jane’s reading this).

A big thank you to Cathy and Amanda for organising the trip, and of course from me to Alan, for being my 1st one (but not if Jane’s reading this).

Oh, and we saw some fish and stuff as well.


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