Notification of AGM

Notice is hereby given of the 56th AGM of the York Sub Aqua Club to be held at New Earswick Sports and Social Club on Tuesday 26th March from 7.30pm for transacting the following business:

(1)        To receive the Chairman's Address

(2)        To receive the Annual Report of the Diving Officer

(3)       To receive the Annual accounts from the Treasurer, which shall have been previously approved by the Committee of Management;

(4)       To elect the following Officers; Chairman of Committee of Management, Diving Officer, Equipment Officer, Secretary and Treasurer

(5)       To elect four ordinary members of the Committee of Management as defined in Rule C1.

(6)       Any other business which must be notified to the Secretary seven clear days before the date of the Annual General Meeting and placed on the Club notice board.

All Officers elected at the Annual General Meeting shall hold office from the closure of the meeting of their election to the closure of the next Annual General Meeting. Candidates for election must have at least six months membership of the York Branch BSAC. Nominations must be posted on the Nominations Form on the Club Notice Board at least 7 clear days before the date of the AGM.

Proxy Votes may be arranged and forms are available from the Secretary. These should be completed and returned to the Secretary seven days before the date of the AGM.


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