Cathy Moore

The first time, as a trainee, that I knelt at the bottom of a swimming pool in scuba gear, I thought it was the most exciting thing I had ever done. Since then, I have dived in some amazing places including Indonesia, Palau and the Red Sea and the sense of excitement has never gone away. OK - sometimes you struggle a little to remember this, for example after a zero vis weekend in Anglesey, but mostly there is no such thing as a bad dive.
I am a dive leader and an Open Water Instructor and love being part of York Sub Aqua Club with its great mix of interesting committed friendly divers.
Best ever dive: The Murree, a container ship sunk in the English Channel. 
Favourite wrecks: Gobenador Bories, one of the Scapa blockships; Scylla, Plymouth. 
Favourite Fish: Napoleon Wrasse. 
Favourite post dive snack: flapjacks as made by Suzie Cameron or Jill Salmons.
Least favourite thing about diving: plankton blooms.
Diving ambition: to see a school of hammerheads.
One thing that would dramatically improve my diving: something that would automatically put on and take off my fins. Until they invent this wonderful machine though, maybe this should be part of the DO's remit....


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