Jackie Milling

My husband Kev and I have been married 28 years we have 2 sons Adam 26 and Scott 23. We have always been a 'sporty' family and very keen swimmers and when the two boys were younger we always visited water parks and did the usual boat trips whilst away on holiday as a family. Now the boys do their own holidays Kev and I decided to get into diving as we both new that it would suit us.

We joined York BSAC 3 years ago and knew from the start it was for us. I qualified as an Ocean Diver in about six months, my first open water diving was in Thailand, which to me as a newly qualified diver was amazing. I loved everything about it; the fish, the coral, the reefs I had never seen anything like it!

On return from Thailand I was enthusiastic to commence my Sport Diver Qualification. This took me longer to achieve as most of this training involved in quarries so the weather conditions could sometimes be a hindrance. However, once Sport Divers Kev and I listened to how exciting UK diving could be from other members, so we planned to go on trips to see for ourselves!

A trip earlier this year to Plymouth and Newquay, lived up to my expectations and the whole camaraderie of the trip was brilliant and I was not disappointed! We've lots more diving planned already for next year in the UK and hopefully in the Red Sea as a club.

I've worked as a Midwife at York Hospital for 4 years which I absolutely love. Previous to that I was a Theatre Nurse for 24 years, deciding to change direction I went into midwifery!

I do like organising social events such as regular curry nights and every club needs a member who is willing to take on this role. With York BSAC its not only the diving but its the pulling together as a team which is important. We've made a whole new circle of friends since joining and now we feel it is part of our everyday life!  

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